An ONLINE health clinic warns that oral se x could surpass smoking as the main risk factor for mouth and throat cancer.

Before, extreme alcohol consumption and chewing tobacco were the primary causes of mouth cancers.

Current research led by Euroclinix reveals there’s been an increase in cases caused by HPV (human papillomavirus).

The NHS describes HPV as “a common and highly contagious infection” that can lead to herpes.

It’s caused by unprotected intercourse so the NHS are warning people to take precautions even when engaging in oral se x.

The HPV virus accounts for 25 per cent of all mouth cancers globally and 35 per cent of throat cancer cases.


Even though some believe that oral sex will soon become the main cause of mouth cancers, smoking still accounts for two-thirds of cases.

In a statement to Metro, Fiona Osgun, Cancer Research UK’s health information officer, said: “Smoking is linked to about 65% of mouth cancers in the UK, whereas only 8-14% of cases are thought to be linked to HPV.”

To reduce the risk of mouth cancer, the NHS warns people to stop smoking, have a healthy diet and to stick to recommended alcohol consumption guidelines.

It advises “regular dental check-ups because dentists can often spot the early stages of mouth cancer”.

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