Why this young and beautiful lady can’t find love? She says it’s all because of her height and men who can’t accept that she’s taller than them.

Actually, Ebony Lewis, who is 2m high, had a full sex swap last year in high hopes of finding her other half and starting the life she had always wanted. But despite her curvaceous figure and beautiful long legs, the true love is passing her by. And although Ebony, born Mark, is not deprived of the men’s attention, her relationships never last longer than a couple of dates.


Ebony Lewis, who is 2m high, had a full sex swap last year

Ebony said: “I’ve been dressing like a woman since I was 18, however I only began fully living as a woman since I was 22. My height is always something I have worried about before transitioning.  I’ve always been honest with men and I tell them about my past and when I transitioned and they’re fine with it.


Ebony, born Mark, fled her native country of Jamaica after experiencing hate for dressing as a woman

Relationships would always fizzle out before they got serious and they would tell me how tall I was and how they liked girls shorter than them. When I’ve been out on a date with me, people would point and stare and I’d often overhear people say ‘Oh My God, look how tall that woman is’. My date would pretend they hadn’t heard the comments or that it hadn’t bothered them but I knew it did. 


But now she embraced herself and is still looking for true love

In the beginning, I always thought they were staring at me because I was weird. But I have gained confidence now as the years have gone by. Now I’ve transitioned, I turn heads on the street, not just because of my height, but because I’m a confident strong woman. If someone likes you for you, you shouldn’t feel like you’re not worthy of love because of your height, I know there will be someone out there for me.”

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