I start by imploring you to read this letter with an open and unbiased mind as this will enable you grab the full gist of my message.
I am a full blooded South African, born and bread in Soweto. I have never been to Nigeria and my impression of your Country is formed by the behaviour and actions of the many Nigerians who live in SA and what we hear and read from the media about the goings on in your country.
I deliberately joined Nairaland today as I noted that alot of you are on this Forum hence its a good platform to pass my message. Suffice it to say that i will delete this account after this message. I will read your responses with keen interest.

1. There is no question that there was xenophobic attack on Foreigners in SA in the past 3weeks. What is in doubt is the scale of the attack. I have noted that Nigerians have overtly blown the crises out of proportion by spreading lies and wrong informatiom concerning the crisis. The idea that South Africans are going round SA cities killing, maiming and burning Foreigners is a lie. Only 7 people have been killed so far and of these 7, 3 are south Africans, 2 Ethiopians and 2 Mozambican. The world media is in agreement with these figures. While its 7 lives too many that doesnt give credence to the news going round in Nigeria that we are killing and burning Foreigners. If thats true then there would be more people dead.
STOP BELIEVING WHATYOU READ AND WATCH ON social media as most are lies and fabricated figments of the imaginations of mischievous Nigerians in other to stoke the flame of discord between Nigeria and SA.

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2. Why are Nigerians up in arms against SA with xenophobia when the war in Nigeria is far worse than here in SA. Boko haram is killing thousands your people everyday and theres no end in sight meanwhile no Nigerian has been killed in this Xenophobic attack. That is why Nigerians throng our embassies in Lagos and Abuja seeking Visas to come to SA and escape the despicable living conditions in the slums of Nigeria.

3. This recent Xenophobic attack was predicated on the fact that Foreigners commit so much heinous crimes in SA without impunity and we are tired of all these. We have our own criminals here so we cant add more problems from foreigners.
A. NIigerians are the kingpins of drugs killing our children and society. Your brothers drug our girls into prostitution. They con our people with fraud and 419. They hack into our bank accounts stealing millions.

B. Zimbabweans are involved in robberies and car hijackings

C. Mozambicans kill our farmers and take our jobs for peanuts leaving many South Africans jobless

D. Ethiopians and Somalians open shops to do illegal activities and pollute our communities. Theres a Somalian shop in every 2 houses on every street in SA. No Country can allow that.

SA has its own issues but we would like to solve them without the added problems of Foreign crimials.

If you like burn down shoprite and close MTN its your people that will suffer because these companies employ millions of Nigerians. They will simply go jobless.

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Thank you

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