A really old woman who was already wrinkled has been completely transformed into something else through the power of make-up.

An 80-year-old grandmother named Livia, who lives in a nursing home was given a transformation through contouring makeovers by her granddaughter, Tea Flego.
Tea worked her magic on her grandma and the result have been trending on social media.
In the ‘before’ images, Livia can be seen wearing glasses and has red pigmentation on her skin. Getting to work, Tea applied bronzer and darker shades of foundation and powder to contour her facial features.
She then applies highlighter to really make Livia’s face pop & coral and fuchsia lipsticks to add a pop of colour on her lips.
Also light and natural eye shadows were applied as well as eyeliner and false lashes to give her a look that totally transformed her.
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