A pigeon has been intercepted by the police after discovering a 149 of cocaine and marijuana tied to its body.

The Telegraph reports that the homing pigeon was spotted at a prison near San Jose, Costa Rica, with a bag tied to its body. When the pigeon was inspected, the black zipper bag was found to contain 14g of cocaine and the same amount of marijuana.

Authorities suspect the bird was tamed by an inmate in the medium-security wing of La Reforma prison, Costa Rica’s biggest penitentiary, after which before someone smuggled it out of the prison for the illicit purpose. The pigeon, according to the director of Costa Rica’s prison police force, the pigeon can fly perfectly well even with the bag of drugs strapped against its breast.

Pablo Bertozzi, who said he had seen cases of cats being used to transport drugs strapped to their tails, added that the homing pigeon incident would lead to a redoubling of efforts to clean the jail of controlled substances.

“The real problem is that there is a lot of consumption. If there weren’t consumers, the drugs wouldn’t be arriving”, Mr Bertozzi said. The bird, which has affectionately been nicknamed “narcopigeon” (narcopaloma) by Costa Ricans, has been handed over by the authorities to a zoo, where it is being kept under observation before being housed in a larger enclosure.

“Because of the way it came to us, it can never be freed,” a zoo worker told local media, adding that the bird was reluctant to eat, probably because it had become used to being hand-fed by one person.

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Just recently, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) made it known that its has, for half a year seized over 450kg of illegal drugs worth N2.8 billion at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

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