The woman with the world’s longest dreadlocks has found love with a hair stylist whose massive dreadlocks rival her own.

Real-life ‘Rasta-Rapunzel’, Asha Mandela, has locks that measure a lengthy 55ft – longer than a London bus.

Now the 50-year-old, from Florida, has found a match made in heaven with new husband, Emmanuel Chege, a qualified hair stylist from Kenya.


Asha said:

‘It’s really added spice in the bedroom and it does not get in the way of anything at all.
‘There are times when my hair will be on the bed with us and we can use it for whatever or we put it on the floor if we want it out of the way.’

Asha and Emmanuel met online three years ago after he was struck by pictures of her famous dreadlocks on hair websites.


He decided to contact Asha, and when she visited Kenya on business eight months later, the chemistry between them was undeniable.A whirlwind romance followed, and within eight months of meeting, Asha and Emmanuel were married in America.

Now, almost two years later, Asha has entrusted the care of her precious dreads solely to Emmanuel.


Emmanuel, who has worked as a hair stylist for 15 years, spends his days lovingly grooming Asha’s three-stone dreadlocks.

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