A woman was brutally beaten and raped by her ex-boyfriend during an eight-day ordeal Chorley, Lancashire, England, UK.

Karen Hanna who almost died at the hands of her former lover, Anthony Phillips, is nor urging other victims of domestic violence to seek help before it is too late. Years after being on the edge of life and death she plucked up her courage to tell her own story of love and torture.


Anthony Phillips tortured and raped her girlfriend for eight whole days

She said: “Knowing Anthony from the past, I felt like we had a connection. There was a spark between us. He’d had his own problems but he had turned his life around too. I felt as though we could make a fresh start – together.

But just two weeks we strated dating, Anthony showed his darker side. He kept accusing me of looking at other men everywhere we went. One day I was just looking out of the window but he thought I was ogling another man. He started hitting me and pulled out a clump of my hair.

The next day he gave me a sob story about how difficult his life had been and how much he loved me, she explained. Stupidly, I believed him. I was scared of going to court and I always think everyone deserves a second chance. However, he was recalled to jail and things get worse. 

He was paranoid and controlling – even from his prison cell. He was forever phoning me and accusing me of sleeping with other men. I told him to leave me alone – but he didn’t listen. On Christmas Day, he rang me 142 times. After he was released, I thought if I saw him, he would accept the reality.


Karen Hanna almost died in the hands of her ex-lover

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