A 23 year old new mum, Prosper Ortega, was according to her family, a happy new bride just 6 months ago. Photos show her beaming and posing with her growing belly, a child, Ari, whom she gave birth to on June 16th. However, things became bad for Prosper when her husband became physically abusive towards her and tried to take away their infant child.

Now, Prosper is in the hospital in a serious condition after that same husband, Aaron Uchitel, is charged with aggravated battery, false imprisonment, and cruelty to children. Ortega’s family says he tortured her for days and drugged her drinks to keep her weak.

Prosper’s family says it all happened in front of their few weeks-old infant baby boy. The pictures of injuries are difficult to see, but Ortega’s family says she insisted they post them because she wanted people to see what had happened to her.

Her mum, Fawn Ortega, said:

“Her ribs are broken. He beat her ribs and breast saying her milk was useless and she was worthless,”. “He tried to blind her so she couldn’t see her baby, he tried to make her deaf so she couldn’t hear him crying for her.”

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