According to Imagine fashion the woman came into their shop pretending to want want maternity dresses. After trying to paying through pos with an empty atm card she left carrying her bag and another customer’s bag

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This lady going by the name ‘Jennifer Ameh Collins” came into our lekki branch today posing as a customer wanting to buy maternity wear, after a few tries she picked a dress and attempted to pay via pos knowing the card was empty. Eventually she left the store carrying another customers handbag along with her. Thank God one of our sales girls noticed on time and went after her,brought her back to the shop for questioning but she denied it. Not knowing she had dropped the bag on the floor before following our girl back to the shop. eventually we found the bag and she has been arrested by the ikota police. she claims that it is the work of the devil. please be very careful and vigilant, we must keep our eyes open at all times!

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