The man, Darlington Kudangirana, from Harare, Zimbabwe, badly battered his wife almost to unconsiousness because she demanded to have s*x in the morning even as he was “late for work”.
The 38-year-old Kudangirana appeared in court Tuesday to face assault charges after he was dragged to the courts by his 25-year-old wife, Tracy Madekutsikwa.
According to MyZimbabwe, he battered his wife five days ago after she pestered him for s*x. The Court heard the incident occurred at their Glen Lorne home around 0600hrs.
Madekutsikwa asked her husband if they could have s*x before he left for work. Kudangirana refused, telling her he was late for work.
Court heard Madekutsikwa kept insisting and begged her husband, before trying to pull his pants down.
This did not go down well with Kudangirana who started assaulting Madekutsikwa with open hands before brutally kicking her belly four times.
He then dressed up and stormed out of the house.
The unamused wife who was gaspng for breath later went to the police and reported the assault.
The following day around 2000hrs, court heard Kudangirana returned from work and started beating his wife for reporting the previous assault.
Madekutsikwa again filed a police report leading to her husband’s arrest.
The trial starts continues.
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