Age is just a number, they say. Felimina Rotundo, a woman who clocked 100 years two months ago, is proving this as she said she still maintained her lifestyle of working for 11 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Rotundo, who has worked for 85 years of her life, said she got her first job at 15 and has been working ever since.

She works at a laundromat where she puts in the 11 hours from 7am to 6am from Monday to Saturday.

The centenarian washes clothes and handles dry cleaning at the College Laundry Shoppe, Buffalo, New York, USA.

The old lady claims she does not plan to retire and will continue working as long as her health is good, stating that she likes working because it gave her an opportunity to go out and get something to do.

According to Rotundo, too many people retire too quickly.

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