Anna and Lucy DeCinque have spent their adult life trying to be identical and shot into fame after spending over $30,000 trying to look alike. They share the same man, the same bed and eat exactly the same things

They have opened up about their everyday life in a new YouTube video revealing that they eat the same-sized chips and do the same workouts share a shower and said they’d never live apart, not even for an hour.

‘We are inseparable… I feel I don’t exist if my sister isn’t around. This is our life and we’re happy doing it so yeah.’ 

Anna and Lucy are just as strict with their diet and exercise as they are with everything else.

‘If she does a squat then I need to do a squat and if she walks 10 metres then I have to as well. We need to burn the same calories,’ they said.

‘If she has like two chips then I need to have two chips but they have to be the same size… when our boyfriend cooks us nachos the Doritos have to be the same size chip too.

‘Before we eat is a bit of a task as our plates need to be identical.’

Their mom who lives with them and their boyfriend thinks their relationship is beautiful


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