“I want to make a very big sacrifice for my boyfriend of 12 years . It might sound stupid but I need to know if am about to do the right thing.
I have gone through a lot of stories on this page were people date for even more years than myself, but mine is a different case. My boyfriend loves me so much but financially he is down. for 7years now after graduation he has been looking for a job, I am the one that sustains him from the little upkeep my parents give to me.
I love him so much that I believe so much in him , he told me that all his life he has never touched 100k, the highest money he has seen and counted is just 42k in his whole life , as a poor orphan. I saw him through school and I have survived him since then .
The problem now is that I met this very rich man that is willing to give him a job if I become his mistress, I refused then told my boyfriend about it, but I was surprised he asked me to go ahead , he said that I should see it as a sacrifice for our future.
Then I reminded him again that this man asked me to be his mistress, fuck mate, friends with benefits, sex slave , then he replied, baby I know, do it for us. Once I get the job and save enough money, we will get married and I quit the job ..
After our conversation I started thinking and calling my friends before one of them introduced me to this page and told me that I could share my story and get advise .
Please is this sacrifice worth it ? I thought men were jealous about there woman’s body? Please do I go ahead with this?”


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