Years back, the issue of sugar mommies or cougars was something that was frowned upon and condemned by the society. But gradually, it has become a widespread phenomenon and people are starting to see it as a norm. Cougar is a term or slang used for older women who date younger men. Women over 40 years of age often go for men way younger than them. Online dating sites have also helped these women create profiles and given them opportunity to express themselves.

 Below are some reasons why Lagos guys go for sugar mommies.

1. Adventure:  Curiosity they say kills the cat. The fact that older women and younger men relationship is widely condemned in the society makes it more attractive to the younger men who are daring. The younger men out of sheer curiosity may get entangled in some sugar mommies’ nest and find it pleasurable. The men want to have a feel of what it takes to have older women clinging to them for sexual pleasure. The relationship thrills them. The ride most times is beneficial to the guys as they get lots of goodies and comfort if the sugar mommy is rich.

2.  Intelligence: Most of these women are intelligent people who are powerful stake holders in different sectors of the country’s economy. The younger men see them as major connections apart from being able to dominate them in the bedroom. It boosts the man’s self esteem and morale to know that he is the one sleeping with a woman of that worth.

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3. Sexual urge: Sugar mommies are sexually active women with great bedroom expertise. They have insatiable appetite when it comes to sex. They are mature and daring, they have control over their lives and aren’t afraid to let the young explore and try out new techniques that may bring them more sexual pleasure as they are wantons. Sugar mommies are flirts whose eyes are devoid of innocence, thus, turning the younger men on. Most times they guide the younger men and improve their skills in the process.

4.  Stable Careers: Sugar mommies most times are career women. Lagos guys are on the lookout for them because they know they could make things happen for them once the sugar mommies take to them. Years of building successful careers have helped these women attain various networking systems. Thus, placing a sugar boy in an organisation wouldn’t be much trouble to them.

5. Wealth: Most guys want to get rich without working for it these days. Financial gain is the greatest motivation for younger men that date sugar mommies. Landing a sugar mommy would ease off the pressure of being broke as she would constantly pamper him with money and comfort. Extremely wealthy sugar mommies go to any extent to satisfy their sugar babies.

6.  Unemployment: The idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Unemployed graduates with skills and attributes are made vulnerable by lack of profitable engagements. Thus, they start to try out different ways of making ends meet until they find themselves understanding, sexually deprived sugar mommies. The sugar mommies do not care about long term relationships and the guys see it as something to keep them busy pending the main time something big drops.

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7.  Growth: Dating sugar mommies is thought to help the younger men grow and be able to make intelligent discussions with people outside their age bracket. This is something they would pick up easily from the sugar mommies due to the fact that they are older, wiser and more mature. The mistakes they have made in the past would stir the young men in the right direction and broaden their thinking.

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