In her weekly vlog, Rhythm 93.7 FM on-air-personality Toke Makinwa speaks on why women in relationships cheat.

Still on the theme of ‘cheating’ which she started last week, Toke Makinwa spoke on why women are forced to cheat on their partners.

Toke Makinwa in a white jumpsuitToke Makinwa in a white jumpsuit

Before jumping into the topic, Toke Makinwa stated that it is a fact that men cheat more than women. She also said women cheat based off their emotions, and men cheat based on their physical needs.

Toke MakinwaToke Makinwa


When she got to the issue of women she gave four reasons; lack of attention, sick and tired of their partner’s less than ideal behaviour, financial reason, and infidelity on the part of the men.

You can watch the video below:

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