A French teenager live-streamed a video of her suicide on the popular app Periscope before she threw herself under a commuter train in the suburban Egly station, south of Paris.She also claimed  she had been ra ped by her former boyfriend.

The teenager, whose name was not released, sent a text message to a friend of her former boyfriend a few hours before she killed herself Tuesday, NY Post reports.

“In the text message, she mentions violence and a ra pe that her companion inflicted on her and claims she is ending her days because of the harm that the young man had done to her.

 The video I am doing right now is not made to create the buzz but rather to make people react, to open the minds, and that’s it”. During the disturbing video , the teenager’s viewers can be seen encouraging her to do so citing that they were waiting . One individual even stated “It would be fun”.

On Tuesday, the woman spent more than two hours overall on Periscope, divided in five live sessions. The last one lasted 29 minutes and seemed to have been recorded moments before she killed herself.

In her own messages, the woman spoke a lot about her life and her difficult relationship with her former boyfriend.
The video has been removed from Periscope, but YouTube users posted what they said were excerpts. The suicide scene itself is not visible on YouTube.

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