Actress and radio host, Stella Damasus has defended Steve Harvey following his slip-up at the Miss Universe pageant last night.The comedian and TV host announced Miss Colombia as the winner only to later realize his mistake and announce Miss Philippines as the rightful winner, prompting officials to remove the crown from Miss Colombia and place on Miss Philippine’s head..He has received alot of bashing especially from the Latin community ..
Well, one person is standing by him,that’s our very own Stella Damasus.She wrote …

Hey people, I just want to plead with some people not to ask me any funny questions @iamsteveharveytv anymore. This man is an amazing, talented, respectable, wealthy HUMAN BEING. I didn’t realize that the punishment for honest mistakes is a death sentence by ignorant people who have no idea what it takes to do the work that he does. For decades this man has entertained people and brought joy to many, but all of a sudden he makes an honest mistake and all hell breaks loose. I am actually wondering if we all have to watch every word we say because we all have to become machines who can not make any mistake.

You can’t even say a word wrong and you can’t forget any date. What kind of life are we living that we all have to live in fear because the world will not forgive a simple mistake? He is a Black man who has done well for himself, let’s not make him into one of those who get to a certain level but is cut down. Enough of the ridicule please. It’s a few days to Christmas, let’s be positive and celebrate as opposed to making a whole family feel worse than they already do.

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