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This Statue of the Virgin Mary has been Crying for More than a Year Since the Death of its owner’s Cousin (Photos)

In what will come across as a really surreal tale, a statue of the Virgin Mary has been seen crying for a whole year after a death in it’s owner’s family.
This Virgin Mary statue in Fresno, California, has reportedly been ‘crying’ for more than a year.
The owner, Maria Cardenas told KFSN it began one-and-half years ago at the time of her cousin Jessie Lopez’s murder.
Cardenas told the TV station the statue — which was given a decade ago to her as a Mother’s Day present — goes without crying for periods of time.
She keeps the statue’s tears in a glass, KFSN reports.
Cardenas’s family considers the crying statue a ‘miracle.’
Maria Cardenas
The TV station also said it witnessed a tear, reporting that ‘It was oily and smelled like roses.’
Richard Quintana lives nearby and came to look at the statue, telling KFSN: ‘That’s amazing.  It takes the words out of my mouth — like wow. I’m so amazed.’
It’s not the first time oil has been linked to the Virgin Mary.
In 2014, a Virgin Mary statue in Tarshiha, Israel, was apparently crying oil tears.
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