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Son exposes his dad on Facebook, says he had Slept with 730 girls and wants to infect 3000 girls with HIV (pics)


According to Kenyan site Tuko.co.ke, a man named Raymond Njiru took to his Facebook account to accuse his own father of deliberately infecting young women with HIV.

Fight between father an son spill out to social media

The man said that Lee Njiru, who is allegedly HIV positive, enticed the unsuspecting girls with cash and has already spoiled the lives of 730 victims.

He also added that he won’t stop until reaches his minimum of 3000 teenage girls and warned ladies to stay away from him.

Raymond Njiru father

The motive behind the old man’s behaviour is unclear, he is probably acting out of revenge and wants to infect as many women as possible before dies.

The strained relationship in Raymond’s family seem to have started years ago, he also condemned his dad for fleecing the people in their community.

Raymond Njiru story

Two years ago he wrote on Facebook page that his father and sisters had visited church to pray for his death.

Inasmuch as the story is complicated and contoversial its authenticity is also under question.

Facebook Comments
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