Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo, popularly referred to as Tolani Oshirin or Omo Butty has been used to wipe the floor by a South Africa-based show promoter called Owomabo.The actress made headlines of softsell tabloids when she disclosed that the man was stalking her, even though she admitted collecting money from the promoter.

The show promoter has however come out to tell his side of the story.

Speaking with NigeriaFilms, Owonabo stated that he has no issues with Biodun, but she is the one who is bent on soiling his name.

In his own words:

“She wants to drag my name in the mud by playing smart game on me. (it) won’t be tolerated. If you know her very well, ask her when last we chatted? It was early 2014 and I just saw that chats yesterday night, telling me I told my friends in Malaysia that I f*cked her when I have not even been to Malaysia before.”The last discussion we had was around June 2014, so I don’t know where she came up with that story. She told me Kunle (Adegbite) deleted me off her BB and I ignored her on my Whatsapp.

“Even when I was in Nigeria, I didn’t even try to see her because I knew she was having issues with Kunle, who was giving her a close marking.

“She called me many times for us to see but I ignored her. It was just two weeks ago I buzzed her on Instagram to say ‘hi’ and try to reconcile with her. She just went ahead to upload the chats, claiming I am begging for her attention.

“That is stupidity of the highest order, I don’t have her time anymore, she got what she wanted. She does not know who Owomabo is.”

“Even if you (Biodun) hear from anywhere that I said something, You have the right to ask me rather than playing smart. For over a year, we did not talk to each other and just yesterday, you uploaded a new chat, what the fuck?

“She should tell me the people, I want to know. But she claim she does not know me and she hasn’t seen me before; agreed, I have not seen her too before, but do you need to see people before you have a relationship with them? Well she has proven herself because she has our recent chats, the only prove I could show too is the money I sent to her.

When told that Biodun admitted collecting money from him, but for screenplay, as she claimed, the show promoter said:

“But she said she does not know me, so how did we get acquainted that I sent her money? Can you send money to a stranger? She cooked a nice story for you people, well, Biodun is nothing to me that I will boast of f*cking or dating. I never f*cked her because I f*ck clean pussy. She should go and learn about guys in South Africa, we don’t boast of f*cking women because we see beautiful and humble chick’s everyday.
“I am not justifying myself but she got what she deserved. A stranger gave you money and you took it and you don’t know him. Just because you never met. So, the movie industry is very cheap that you will produce a movie for N100,000. I think they need to ban her for spoiling their name. Fool, she told me Kunle is married and she wants a single guy and I told her too I am married, make she no spoil my home ooo.”
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