This young lady was pictured in public dressed in a revealing outfit.
As a young single girl, you don’t necessarily need to expose your body to attract men to yourself. You can be decently covered up and attract the right men and people to yourself.
Are we gradually losing our values and culture?
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75 thoughts on “Whose sister is this? See what this young lady wore in public (Photo)”

      1. Is part of Nigerian President Buhari change agenda, ask how ;everybody is looking on to make end meet, if you like disagree and I will ask you what would have make a parent exchange her child for common #200,000:00 Naira only?.

  1. speechless.this is disgrace to woman hood..women pls we men are tired of all this nosens call fashion..

  2. No need for all d causes u guys are laying in her. Is her life she is living and nobody else. just let her be dat’s fashion for her.

    1. please don’t say what you can do because that’s one is totally madness may God have Macy on her

  3. All this girls moving around with half cloth should

    be arrested. the so called buhari government should do something

  4. why do you shout !!! govt official hide millions of dollars in the farm ! what can a jobless girl dooo

  5. why do you shout !!! Govt official hide millions of dollars in his farm , what can a jobless poor girl doooo

  6. why y’all condemning the young lady? Don’t she have the right to live her life.. PRETENDERS

  7. She is produced by unused able and an added able home, she has no value to the society.

  8. abeg.. mek Una free all these stuff. she no get time to pretend nd maybe do de worst at de back. smthing wey dey bet ?. most of u wey dey condemn her now she fit beta pass una. una go hide do bag… she try to make everything real nd practical

  9. If you don’t advertise how do you sale this lady is a mobile ASHEWO she’s just doing her advert to attract customers l know most of you critics her some of her clients

    1. if God also think about all you have done or what you are doing,won’t He throw you to hell too? instead, pray for her. one sin is not bigger than others.

  10. well you were bought with the precious blood of Jesus. Jesus will forgive and wash u with His blood only if u Repent now.

  11. repent and make ur way clean for the coming of the son of man is at hand, today is the day tomorrow may be too late.

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