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Shocking Video! Snake Devours Crocodile After Five-Hour Battle


A huge python won a fight against a crocodile and swallowed the reptile whole after a 5-hour battle. The snake started with constricting the crocodile to death, before dragging it to shore and eating it whole in fifteen minutes in front of a shocked crowd of tourists.

The incident was captured on camera by author Tiffany Corlis at Lake Moondarra in Queensland, Australia. She was having breakfast at the beautiful nature spot when a group of canoeists alerted her to the fierce fight.

She said: “When we reached the water’s edge the snake had wrapped itself around the croc and was tightening. The croc was still alive at this stage and was fighting to keep it’s head above water. Before long the snake had successfully killed the croc and then somehow dragged it to the bank, where it moved to the front of the croc and started to eat it face first.”

She added: “It was truly amazing, our kids were very excited to see this event unfold in front of them and not on the Nature channel.”

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