A spoilt rich son has brutally beaten his own mother to death after strangling her with a charger.

Anastasia Novikova-Sosina was brutally beaten to death by her own son
A 19-year-old boy has strangled his mother to death in a hotel room.  Egor Sosin, 19, is accused of brutally killing his mother, Anastasia Novikova-Sosina, in a frenzied attack.
The boy who is from a very rich family strangled the mother with a phone charger. The woman was battered and died in the Russian hotel suite.
After strangling her, the son beat the 44-year-old mother leaving her blood all over the room.
When the police arrived at the gory scene of the crime, they found Sosin walking around the room in his underpants.
Sosin, whose social media profile says he attended the Hult International Business School in London, reportedly told state investigators: “I had been choking her for about half an hour.
“Satisfied that she had died, I sat on her and began to punch her with all my force.
“I hit her in the face. There were not less than 20 hits, they were strong.”
“I cried when I hit her, and I was well aware that with my actions I was killing my mother.
“I bit her into the neck on the right side and felt the blood in my mouth.
“I saw blood running from my mother’s face from my hits.”
Mother and son pictured
Staff at the five star Korston Hotel, in Volger River city of Kazan, say mother and son were staying at the suite since December.
His dad had reportedly been in close contact with his ex-wife over their son.
Mr Sosin explained Ms Novikova-Sosina had confided that she was worried the teens behaviour was “not quite sane” and he was “obsessed with delusions of persecution.”
He also revealed apparent drug use, telling investigators: “I got a call from Anastasia. She said that Egor had had a party in their apartment and they used the laughing gas and ‘mushrooms’ there.”
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