The confession of a 7-year-old girl in Lagos was testimony enough to indite her father. Police were forced to arrest Chukwuemeka Odunzie, after his daughter told her mom that her father fondles her and puts his penis in her mouth.


There is a troubling development in Lagos, it is the increase of pedophiles and child molesters. Recent statistics have shown an increase in police reports and court cases on the issue of defiling minors

Owing to the increase of pedophiles and defilers of minors like in the case of the 7-year-old who was molested by her father at Ojokoro Housing Estate, Meiran, Ijaiye, in Lagos state, we at have deemed it fit that the general public be kept abreast of ways to spot these offenders before they strike their next victims.

A pedophile can be just anyone and that is one fact you must be conscious of, it doesn’t matter if they are old or young, educated or uneducated, rich or poor; it could be just anyone regardless of race and tribe.

Research has proven that regardless where they come from, pedophiles will always exhibit similar characteristics. However, it is important to note that not all who demonstrate these qualities as are highlighted here, are child abusers.

These tips are given so that you can be cautious and make deeper inquiries to ascertain that your young ones are not in harms way. If you are a resident of Lagos, then here are some of the traits or signs you should look out for in a potential pedophile.

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1. Are They Over 30?

According to research, most pedophiles are often above the age of 30

2. Loner

Have you noticed that he/she are sought of  lonely, and do not really have friends within their age groups? This is one great pointer, if you dig deeper there is every likelihood that they do not have any love affair and sometimes if they do, then it is more companion based than sexual.

3. Idle Mind

Does he/she appear to be very idle, or give very vague answers to questions about their jobs? This is a very essential question, very vital trait to look out for. Most times there is every likelihood that they were dismissed from previous jobs for their hideous acts.

4. Spirit Of A Child

Christians will argue on this point, afterall the bible says that except one has childlike spirit, he or she cannot see the kingdom of God. However, you must beware of the adults with childlike hearts. That text pertains more to forgiveness, but when you see some neighbour, friend, or family member who is over indulgent in childlike activities, then take a second look.

5. They Love Children

Of course they do, those are ‘the objects’ of their fantasy. They are often over fascinated with children and activities involving children, preferring the kiddies hangout to adult oriented activities.

6. Neighbour Who Sends That Particular Child On Errand Always

No one is saying that your kids cannot go on errands if you live in such apartments where interactions between neighbours is inevitable, what we are saying is that you must take heed if that particular child of yours is the only one that the neighbour keeps sending on all errands. The fear is that by so doing a bond can be built.

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7. Sweet Talkers/Praise Singers

Like with every other facet of life, one must be careful with sweet talkers and praise singers, as there is nothing that is given freely, everything has a price.

Take a second look at the way your neighbour, friend or colleague describes your son or daughter. Oftentimes the terms are in angelic terms like: innocent, heavenly, divine, sweet and other words that describe children but seem inappropriate and exaggerated.

N/B: Ensure that when he/she calls that child my husband or my wife, it means nothing extra.

8. Hobby And Artist Impressions

Raise an eyebrow if their hobbies also involve childlike stuff like collecting popular expensive toys, keeping exotic pets or building planes and car models.

If he/she is single, how are their rooms decorated? Is it such that will appeal to the sex and age of the child he intends to appeal?

9. Everyday Father Christmas

Does he/she taunt children with trips to great places, some amusement park, zoo, concert or beach? Be very careful when they shower them with gifts for supposed little services rendered or sometimes for no services at all. The molester can take advantage of every situation, so don’t be fooled when they say the gifts given are because your child is shy or because the child is handicapped.

10. Exposure To Adult Stuff

For you to really get the child abuser on this count, then you have to be close to that child and interact freely with them because there are likelihoods that the child might have been coerced to keep mute on what he or she has been exposed to.

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You must look out for chances that the child has been exposed to adult stuff like pornographic materials and some other sensitive things. Pay keen attention to what that child is saying, if there is an irregular term or some new character he/she is exhibiting, inquire and the child will lead you to the offender’s door.

It is essential that you remember to becareful while handling the issue of child molestation. Never forget that these traits are not the final word to nail a person as a potential minor defiler.

That someone is a loner or is better at interacting with children than with adults is not necessarily evidence that he is a pedophile, the essence of this review is just to keep you on the alert.

Are there certain details you think we have left out, do let us know what they are.

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