A woman has confessed after she ruined her sister’s marriage out of jealousy and because she was attracted to her sister’s husband. I am married with two daughters although my marriage is somehow unstable. My problem is that I wrecked my sister’s marriage because I was attracted to her husband.

I encouraged her to walk away when they were having some minor problems. This was out of envy especially after I realized that he made her very happy while my husband was just the opposite of this.

I even encouraged my sister to start dating another man but she is still not happy while she was dating the other man. I even twisted the minds of our family members against this man so I don’t know what to do to get them back together.

I feel remorseful for the harm that I have caused to their relationship. Please advise me on what to do to mend my steps.

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56 thoughts on “I Seduced My Sister’s Husband Which Wrecked Her Marriage – Lady Confesses”

  1. u are a devil advocate. wait 4 hell. shame on u of all d men in the world ur sister’s. if all the ppl u could hurt ur sister u are a disgrace to woman hood.

  2. U have put asunder what God joined together. It shows how develish some women can be and ur one of those women

  3. y r u fade up, continue. do. u kw dat same thing wanted to happen to me, but i thank GOD for his help.

  4. All she asked was just an advise nothing less nothing more, u pple better atop insulting her she has repented. So pls my pple she needs a clue on how she will start mending about her past mistek.

  5. well , the harm has been done, but there is still need for reconciliation, you must do it if indeed you felt remorse for it. God bless you.

  6. u started it all ask GOD to give u d grace to reconcile them,then that only way to show u are new creature.

  7. is really ridiculous if she truly repent God will forgive her..but she have already done damage to her sister..

  8. Know you know what you did was wrong all u have to do is to invite the family of the man and also the man then u and your family members and your sister should hold a meeting there and then u confess before every one and beg the man to forgive your sis because u planted the whole trouble. I pray God helps you.(Amen)

  9. Na wao alright it’s simple call your sister and your family members and friends to narrate your story that’s all

  10. leave her alone !!! that’s there own cross !!! why did Abraham slept with Ishmael’s mother , and trow them away !!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ……

  11. Subsequently you might have do this unknowingly now that you discover that the whom this was very prohibited, It’s simply means that you have to ask God forgiveness and then before you move motion to your family and your sister husband family. From these you demanded on forgiveness there will forgive you in all ramifications of your life.

    1. go and confess your sin to your family, your sister and her husband’s family too then you ask of forgiveness

  12. I believe there a lot of man or boys that still single ,so you have to put thing in prayer god have to show you,your Heart husband.

  13. My dear thank God you realised your mistakes,ask God forgiveness and also ask him to direct you on the next step to take,I pray he will have mercy and show you the way

  14. just tell ur sister and ur family members d truth reconcile her with her husband, failure to do that u will never go unpunished, there are so many single men out there or if u preferred married men so many of them are there not ur sister’s husband better do something or else u regret all ur life

  15. just as you did, go ahead and tell both of them at the same time, confessed to them and come back to social media and tell us how you ended. whether forgiven or not?

  16. pls my sister my own advice fr u is to go on ur knees seek fr God mercy he is faithful and just to forgive all our sins den u to ur pastor explain everything ask him to help u out in d restitution process he is a man of God he knows how to handle issues like dis start from der my sister don’t worry all will b well d Luv in ur family and DAT of ur sisters will b restored completely God bless u

  17. Humbly go and show your repentance before all the people you have hurt and sincerely confess all the havoc you have caused them. then try and make sure they forgive you sincerely from their for u have deeply disobey what God says what has join together let no man put assurnder

  18. He said we should call upon him when we are in trouble, u have committed a great sin to ur sister, what have happened have already happened, what you need to do now ask God for forgiveness and go to your sister church and her husband church, meet the pastors of the two church tell them what you have done after that call the two family for meeting and the pastors than you confess what you have done to dam they will all forgive you may God help you

  19. thank God for coming to ur senses,I encourage u to go back to God,after DAT,look for d people that ur sister respect so much De can also b of help,also those whose mind u poisoned u have to go to them one after another, after all this u should also forgive ur self,all u need is total repentance. may d lord show u mercy

    1. the deed has already been done. the only solu to dis problem is to first and foremost ask God forgiveness and confess ur acts to both th listening ears of ur sis and her husband.

    2. The deed has already been done. the only solu to dis problem is to first and foremost ask God for forgiveness and confess ur acts to both the listening ears of ur sis and her husband.

  20. i advice u call an urgent meeting confess to God and ask 4mercy b4 calling d meeting den confess to God if it wil be very hard to do go and confess to d man of God where u worship let him go wit u when u arw going to confess although itz not easy but if u have repented sincerely no man has d right to condemn u datz my take

  21. Just for your peace of mind, I think you should talk to your Sister or talk to your dad. It will help you

  22. just reconcile with them especially with your sister its unfair to do that,what if is u, what will you do?

  23. what a disgrace you need to ask For forgiveness for your sister and your sister husband and your sister is a fool for listening to your foolish advise

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