A Minneapolis science teacher decided to teach his students about chemistry by setting a boy’s hand on fire.

Posted on YouTube by Steven Takata, the video shows the student, Takata’s son, volunteering as the lab rat in a demonstration at Hope Academy.

The teacher instructs the student to dip his hand into a container of methane-filled soap bubbles and then holds a lighter to the student’s hand.

The methane-filled bubbles briefly ignite and flames engulf the boy’s hand, but they quickly put themselves out and the student is left amazed and uninjured.

The point was to help students visualize how powerful methane is and show how they function.

“In a classic science demonstration, soap bubbles filled with methane are lit in a fireball in my son’s hand,” Takata wrote.

This is not the first time teachers have devised ingenious methods to teach their students about science, last year a Biology teacher took off her clothes to get her students interested in science

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