Gunmen ambushed and attacked the “EKENSON transport” bus of the Glo X-factor DNA Twins this last Sunday, on their way to Lagos. shot the driver, robbed the whole bus and took away the twins away.

The kidnappers who contacted their family for a ransom of 6Million and demanded it’s paid before 25th of April, which was yesterday, has increased the Ransom from 6million to 10Million Naira Today while speaking to their mom because they didn’t meet up their earlier bargain. The boys are still alive as at this morning because they were allowed to speak with their mom for confirmation. According to their mom, they were crying profusely and begging for help.  They are presently being held in Kogi state.

The case has been reported to the Nigerian police. But we can’t just fold our arms and do nothing. Please if you have any vital information that can lead to finding their whereabouts, kindly visit the nearest police station to give this information. Because the family don’t have 10million to pay as ransom. They’ve not even raise 1M right now. Your information can help save their lives. As they are still doing all they can to try and raise this enormous ransom.

Please do help in every way you can to get the twins safe back to their family.

Below are pictures from the scene of the hijack. The Shot Driver, The Bus and every other.







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