An unidentified middle aged man died on Friday, September 4, after he reportedly consumed large quantities of alcohol.

Daily Trust reports that the man was knocked down by the large volume of dry gin he had consumed and was rushed to Kubwa General Hospital, Abuja where he was hospitalized.

The 40 year old man who reportedly had two wives and five children was known as a notorious drunkard.

Muhammed Ibrahim, an eyewitness said he saw the deceased at a bar where he purchased and gulped bottles and bottles of alcohol.

He said: “He gulped down bottles after bottles and fell unconscious immediately.”

He added that he was rushed to the hospital where he eventually passed away.

The bar owner who spoke under the guise of anonymity said customers were responsible for the consequence of their actions and added that he sympathized with the family of the deceased.

“I want to sympathise with the family he left behind. They should take heart; what happened could not be prevented.”

A doctor in the hospital confirmed the incident and said the man had been buried in accordance with Islamic rites.

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