A helpless woman has cried out for help after discovering that her husband has been posting her n*ked photos on Facebook asking men to her s*x with her.
A South African woman has cried out for help after discovering that her husband used her photos to open an account on Facebook. She has now become an internet prostitute offering her body to anybody with money even without her consent. The woman who is in a serious marital battle with the husband has cried out for help.
But, Tshepiso Mainetja (39) from Thubelisha near Protea Glen, Soweto, is deeply ashamed. She has cried out for help after discovering the wicked act by her husband. She revealed that her husband allegedly kicked her out of her own house and started sending her insulting text messages. He then opened a Facebook account with her details and started posting her n*ked photos and asking men out for s*x in Mainetja’s name.
“Two weeks ago I started receiving messages from men I don’t know. They were asking me to sleep with them as I am lonely and looking for men.
“My phone beeps all the time. It’s worse at night. I receive up to a hundred messages a day, including n*de photos and s*x videos,” she said.
The woman has become more embarrassed as her daughters have asked her why she has porn on her phone. She hopes someone will help her out of the predicament as she doesn’t know what to do.
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