Many of you aren’t aware of the insight stories of the human body. There are hidden dimples on your butt which are known by Venus holes, butt dimples or back dimples. These tend to be visibly superior to gluteal cleft. They are sometimes marked as beauty signs as Venus was the goddess for Roman people. Venus holes refer to symmetrical indentations which are generated by a small ligament stretching the skin and spine.

If you have these set of dimples, then you are truly blessed, if you do not, there is only way to find out for sure, through exercise. Although the cause is known to be inherited, they are worth establishing that one has them for sure.

If you want to spice up your bedroom moments and I mean those special intimate moments with your partner, the dimples on the lower back will do the trick. Most men have confessed to love holding on to the dimples during intimacy. Some love to call them ‘thumb handles’ just to describe where they love to position their thumbs in those heighted moments of pleasure.

Most girls have discovered the weapon in their meaning and will always be caught flaunting them at the beach with the low cut bikini or in appropriate Jeans that show them off. In fact, those who know that they have deep lower back dimples, get them pierced to add more beauty to them. Women with deep dimples on the back also use jewelry on them just to accentuate them further.

Are back dimples genetic? I hate to break it to you, in spite of all the sweating and working hard in watching what you eat, if you do not have it in your genes, chances are that you might not get them since they are of genetic makeup. Yes, they are genetic and no matter how much your try to lose excess fat if you do not have them in your bloodline they might not show. It is disappointing, but it is a fact.

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