A transgender male, Amari Jayce has decided to tell his story. The father of three was once a lesbian says he has been asked questions on how he fathered three kids .He explains he had two kids as a lesbian woman and now has one with his present wife ..

 Okay, so I get numerous & numerous questions about how my children came about and if their father is still around. So I have decided to share that with you in this post** I knew I always wanted kids but I also knew that would be hard because I, at the time, was living as a masculine lesbian and I knew there was something not right with my body, but I also knew I wanted to take advantage of the body I was given so I could have children of my own to give to the things I didn’t have. A very good male friend of mine at that time offered his “goods” knowing the life I lived. I accepted, and in turn, got my 2 beautiful blessings.

He has been in and out of their life due to choices he’s made… and now he’s not in their life at all. I know that I am not their biological father and I never intended to take that spot because my children know who he is… But I will ALWAYS be the Daddy they need and I was so lucky to find a woman that willingly took the Mommy role and is the best mommy ever. My children will have questions one day, I’m sure, and I will be ready for them because I will be able to tell them that no matter what, “I love you more than I ever thought I could love anybody and no matter what Daddy was here!”

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His wife


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