Controversial Nigerian actress Afrocandy got into the bad books of fans for her latest comments about Stephanie Okereke-Linus’s meeting with Queen Elizabeth II in London recently.

Stephanie had recently shared photos of her meeting and shaking hands with the British queen on a recent visit to the UK.

AfroCandy, who is known for producing and starring in movies that could be deemed soft porn, however, blasted Stephanie on Facebook for making a big deal over the honour.

Afrocandy posted Stephanie’s picture with the queen, captioning it: “Africa my people and brain washing! What’s the big deal in ‘Going to London to see or Shake the Queen’ ? If you make it your Life Time Goal you will achieve it, and that doesn’t mean you’re going to heaven. Fact is, most of us don’t even think it’s that important.

“Me, I’m too busy “Shaking My Bum Bum o nobi to go see the Queen of England dey do me so abegi make I hear word! These people you are looking at Kept Nigeria the way it is today, Wake up from your slumber, Nigeria. Dem nobi God!”

But the soft-porn actress immediately faced backlash from Stephanie’s fans. Read some of their comments below:

Adewunmi Olabode: “I never knew you are this low in reasoning, you mean you can pass a message of this sort to Steph? That’s too childish of you…it ain’t jealousy, its stupidity.”

Bauer Scoffield: “Madam Judith…U r just being silly and foolish as well…U shud wake up frm ur slp and stop beefin oda people who r much more beta dan U r…kip shakin ur bum bum ehn…until d whole world knws its smelly and rotten.”

Ehinze Vincent: “Dts some hating..2 shake d queen of England no b small tin.”

Tony Obinna: “Afro candy Abeg stop hating, na her time. Make she shake the Queen, May be years after 2015 it will be your turn.”

Odili Linda Adachukwu: “If you think shaking hands with the queen is not a ticket to heaven, how about your nudity and shaking bum bum, is it an achievement or a ticket to heaven??? Think bfore you talk, You are not any way better, atleast she is decent. Razzoid oshi.”

Pradah O. Lambano: “Shake” is d word here, Steph shook d queen, afro shakes her ass. All shake b shake lol #jusayin.”

Onuoha Frank: “Which one be ur own dere Afrocandy? Everybody get their desire in life…!”

Justin Brown: “You just sent a post shouting you change your house…it’s a biggest deal to shake queen’s hands…I’m imagining if could have the privilege jealous dirty ass!”

Chidera Chi Nigeria: “Even with all your shaky bum bum and Unclothedness … Northerner sef doesn’t want to meet you so I understand why you are vexing.”

Toluwalope Olufunmilayo: “Afroshit or wetin dem dey call u, @least try add some senses wen u wan post. There are oda meaningful things u can post to gain popularity. Dat woman beta pass u.@least she’s married while u’re a married single. lols”

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