It’s a shame the rate at which some ladies of today are loosing their pride and morals carelessly all because of money. The ladies are reportedly staff of a commercial bank. One of them went behind the back of her colleague to corner the fat account of a businessman after giving the man her body. The second lady also gave her body to the man but the man still gave his account to just one of them. There were reportedly talks like: “Why did you go behind to take his account after I took you there. You are mad. I will deal with you”, *The man no like you, na me him like. Is it my fault? I gave him what he wanted and got the account!” as they wriggled each other on the floor.

More photos below:



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8 thoughts on “Read Why Two Female Bankers Fight Dirty Over Rich Businessman (Photos)”

  1. When no body above mistake an they are woman .so man will have to over look them abi will can not kill them . because I now that both of them will later regret what they did to each other abi

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