Making love is one thing that is very exciting, especially when it is done with a loved one. That is why some people believe having a hot love making session can be medicinal. It could start from the living room to kitchen, the bathroom and ends in the bedroom.

To some, the bedroom is only the place where they can have it, but others prefer anywhere.
For Yoruba actress, Adediwura Gold, she once had it in a car; yes, you heard right. Do you call that a quickie? Well, that is left to you.

Adediwura made this confession after she posted a meme which reads, ‘Name a place you’ve had s3x that is not the bedroom.’ She was the first to respond to her question and she said, “Chai, I own up, in the car.”
Her meme got others responding and some claimed they made love in an uncompleted building, while other named car, kitchen, shower, beach and other places.

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