A s*x-crazed woman has threatened to kill a man for refusing to have s*x with her after storming into his house.

Leslie Mills threatened to kill the man for refusing to have sex with her
A Florida woman threatened to kill a man with a hatchet for refusing to have s*x with her.
According to information gathered by Dailymail, Leslie Mills, 26, was arrested on Thursday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery, according to police.
In a police statement, the victim revealed  that Mills left his Ocala home the night before the alleged attack to go out drinking, while he stayed home. The following day when she returned, he was asleep in the bedroom and was woken up by Mills who ‘repeatedly asked him to engage in sexual activity with her,’ according to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun.
The man refused the advances several times, but Mills won’t have it. When the man went to the couch to sleep, she came back again and he refused. Later, the man was forced to go to the bathroom and lock himself there. But, Mills came back banging at the bathroom door until she broke in.
When she entered the bathroom, he realized she was wielding a hatchet, the police report alleges.
The two began fighting, and Mills allegedly raised the hatchet in the air and appeared to prepare to strike him, the victim told police. He managed to escape the attack.
When police arrived, they found Mills outside, dressed only in a bathrobe and seemingly drunk. Mills was booked in the Marion County jail on Thursday and was released the following day after posting $5,500 bail.
A judge issued a no contact order, prohibiting Mills from making physical or verbal contact with the victim while the case is in process, according to the Marion County sheriff’s office.
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