An alleged photo of a Muslim girl twerking while wearing the hijab has left many people shocked after her photos appeared online.
A supposedly Muslim girl has left tongues wagging after she wore a hijab and twerked on stage before many people during a concert in Kampala, Uganda.
The endowed woman dressed in a figure hugging dress left the crowd dazed as she wiggled her bum in all directions. However, what infuriated most people was the the choice of her dress as they accused her of having no respect for the hijab.

Someone commented:

“I live in Uganda and I love the country.
“They live a free life – not giving two damns about religion – Christianity and/or Islam.
“And by the way, I’d prefer Uganda 10 times and more over Nigeria – keep your arguments to yourself.
“The government provides water, electricity and more 24/7.”

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