“I have full knowledge of what happened…and I plead guilty from count one to four of murder” The Limpopo High Court in Polokwane yesterday, Tuesday, April 26 found Lesiba Kekana, 37, guilty of murdering his four young sons in a fit of rage after an argument with their mother over accusations of infidelity, the Citizen reported.


Kekana slit the throats of his four sons with a kitchen knife after an arguement with their mother, whom he accused of having affairs with other men.

The four boys, aged 13, 10, 6 and 4, were killed on Sunday morning September 6, 2015 at their home in Moletlane village in Limpopo’s Zebediela area South Africa.Two of the boys were killed inside the sitting room and the other two in their bedroom. See previous report here

The prosecution said Bokang kekana, 13, Keneilwe Kekana, 10, Hlologelo Kekana, 6 and Lekgoledi Kekana,4, died as result of a “sharp force neck trauma”. When asked by the court about the horror murders, Kekana did not dispute allegations levelled against him instead he sought to give an explanation.

“I have a full knowledge of what happened as explained by my counsel, that I plead guilty from count one to four of murder,” said Kekana.
He said he went into a rage after he found a used condom in the house, which he said did not belong to him. Kekana told the court that he confronted his wife about the used condom.
“She admitted, and told me that she had an affair with another man, we slept there and she asked me not to return to Moletlane,” Kekana claimed in his statement that was read by his legal representative.
The multiple murder accused also claimed that a day before the tragedy a quarrel ensued with his wife, Lorraine, over her alleged extra marital affairs. Lorraine was in Gauteng where she worked at the time.
“I got extremely angry that I resolved myself that I should kill myself … immediately after hanging [up] the phone Bokang Kekana came to where I was, I then thought what will happen to them … I then took a knife and cut Bokang …” the accused said in a shocking admission of guilt.
Kekana said he looked for his other sons, who at the time were sleeping and not aware that he had killed Bokang. He also killed Hlologelo.
“I proceeded and found them sleeping … I found Keneilwe … I cut his throat and I immediately cut Lekgoledi’s throat, with motive of killing,” said Kekana is his graphic confession statement.
“I then cut my throat with intent to kill myself, unfortunately I did not die, I took a rope, while I was busy I heard knock on the door, and people came into my house,” said Kekana.
After listening to the shocking confession, Judge Joseph Raulinga said:
“The court is satisfied that the contents of the statement comply with the charges preferred against the accused and the accused is found guilty as charged.”
Police records indicate that Kekana, who now awaits sentencing, has no previous conviction.

Source: The Citizen

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