Photos: Enugu State Police Command arrests notorious kidnappers who beat and starved their victim to death

The Enugu State command says it has arrested three notorious kidnappers at their various hideouts in Lagos and 9th mile, Enugu state. The suspects on November 21, abducted a victim now deceased, identified as Ekene Okonkwo (decomposed body pictured after the cut) from Affa in udi Local LGA from Affa road on his way home from a traditional marriage in his vehicle.
They demanded for the sum of ten million naira ransom from the victim/deceased relations. The victim was denied food for seven days and brutally beaten. On realising that their victim has died, they abandoned the corpse and fled to an unknown destination.


The full press statement below:
In its renewed onslaught against crime and criminality,the Enugu state command of the Nigeria Police Force through its operatives of the Anti Kidnap Unit of the command recently trailed and encountered notorious suspected kidnappers at their various hideout in lagos and 9thmile Enugu state.
It was gathered suspects identified as Ekene Nwankwo from Okposi in Ebonyi state but staying in Fijiso Epe Lagos and 9thmile corner respectively,Emeka Igwe from Awka Etiti as well as Chidi Agu had allegedly conspired together with one Ebuka from Ameke Ngwo in Udi Local government Area of Enugu state and abducted with their gun a victim now deceased and identified as one Ekene Okonkwo from Affa in udi Local Government Area from Affa road on 21/11/15 as he was returning from a traditional marriage with his vehicle and took him to a nearby bush by old Nsukka Abor Road 9thmile corner Enugu where they tied his hands and legs with rope and demanded for the sum of ten million naira ransom from the victim/deceased relations.They also denied him food and water for seven days after beating him while in captivity.It was further gathered that this however made him to be weak and as a result died inside the bush.Suspects who were with the victim on noticing that their victim has died,abandoned the corpse and fled to an unknown destination.
Operatives of the Anti Kidnapping Unit of the command in their investigations launched attack on suspects at their hideout in 9thmile and lagos respectively which left suspects fatally injured during a shoot out that ensued..According to one of the suspects Ekene Nwakwo,it was their burning search to make quick money that landed them into the trouble as they variously contacted a Native Doctor for money making and the native Doctor will always tell them to get some money to buy things for rituals and no money hence they had to go that way.He further revealed that their victim was coming back from traditional marriage around 7pm at Affa road near 9th mile when Ebuka communicated them that the victim was approaching before they blocked the road and picked up with their gun to the bush and abandoning his tundra jeep.He further revealed that the victim later died after few days of holding him captive.Chidi Agu one of the suspects confirmed that their victims would not have died if not that Ekene tied him seriously to avoid attacking them back or overpowering them.He attributed his membership of the gang due to frustrations and pleaded for forgiveness even as he regretted that their victim died.
To one of the suspects Emeka Igwe,he did not waste time to disclose that they are four in numbers that planned the kidnapping in order to raise money.He mentioned himself,Ekene Nwankwo the gang leader,Chidi Agu and Ebuka now at large.He however regretted their action and prayed for forgiveness while attributing the circumstance that led them into the mess as unfortunate.Meanwhile a full scale investigations have been intensified into the incident just as the dead body of the victim has been recovered inside the bush by the operatives and deposited at the nearby hospital for necessary action.
Similarly,one Idris Jauru from Adamawa state and a maigard/gateman at ojinator Oji River and Ejike Chibuko Michael from Oweremba Umana Ezeagu also residing at ojinato Oji River Enugu state an okada rider are helping the operatives of Anti Kidnapping Unit of the Enugu state command of the Nigeria police Force in their full scale investigations over their alleged role in the alleged kidnap that took place at oji river Awka road recently.According to Idris,I keep gun for the gang and we usually plan it together near my working place while Ejike chibuko michael used to buy food and hemp for the gang and take it to them inside the bus.He also used to watch over kidnap victims while waiting for Ransom to be paid.On his part,Ejike pleaded for forgiveness and maintained that it is only two times that he has participated in kidnapping activities where he conveyed food to gang members and also watch over kidnap victim inside the bush and further revealed that their gang members are from oji river and Ezeagu reside in Asaba and Lagos Respectively.Suspects are regretting their action and advise youth to stay out of crime
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