This is the moment two rival lions engaged in a vicious fight because one of the predators interrupted his opponent during a mating session with a female.

According to Mailonline, Pieter Meiring, a photographer from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, captured the dramatic scenes at Kruger National Park’s Crocodile Bridge .
The frisky lion and his partner were not happy at being disturbed during their session and the king of the jungle launched a brutal attack as he chased the other lion away.Johan, 25, said:

 ‘It was amazing. The roars made my hair stand up on end. It felt like they were fighting for 10 hours – but the fight only lasted for 10 minutes.There were four lions – two males and two females. One couple was mating, and when the other male approached they started fighting.After the fight was finished the lion went back and carried on mating with the female. I’ve never seen anything like it.’


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