Lagos like every other major tourist attraction city, has got numerous resorts where one can relax and unwind. But here are seven of its most captivating and amazing resorts. If you really looking out for treat, then here is where the best is.

Much needs not be said about these resorts because they speak for themselves. However, it is important to stress that has listed these resorts in no particular order.

1. La Manga Luxury Beach Villa

If you are looking for something exclusive and unique, especially if you are on a romantic trip, then here it is. This classy resort is located in Ilashe, Lagos, see for yourself the unique patterns that have been woven into designing one of Lagos’s most captivating resorts.


La Manga makes the perfect setting for a romantic weekend

2. La-campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

The name of this resort centre was once used as a tongue-twister, and just like the tongue twister, it is quite a delight.

La-campagne offers a perfect blend of nature which includes a fresh water lake, an accessible mangrove forest, a savannah, an extensive sandy beach and a warm Atlantic sea.

A variety of world class accommodation is availed, with plenty activities to get you hooked.

3. Hermitage Garden Resort

Hermitage Garden Resort is a reserved resort on the Lekki/Ajah Penninsular area of Lagos

This top tourist and vacation destination boasts of an exclusively vast sandy beach front, an upscale swimming pool,and a very interesting nature trail.

It has recreational features for indoor and outdoor sports such as beach football, boating, fishing etc.

The environment at hermitage is soothingly expansive and soothing environment, with a luminous beach front and luxurious mini-villas. The wonderful ocean views from the balcony is a treat for the soul.

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You can dine in the top rated restaurant which prides itself on its mouth watering local and international cuisine.

There’s always fun water sports and you can explore the interesting nature trail and romantic sunset to round off a perfect day in paradise.

4. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

Kamp Ikare Beach resort is tucked away amongst luscious palm trees, clear blue water and warm sand, it is a whole new world of its own.

5. Inagbe Grand Resort

If you are looking to discover a rustic life in a lush island haven with resonating air of simple luxury and refined elegance, then go to Inagbe grand resort. It is a first of its kind resort in Lagos, set on the tranquil banks of the magnificent Lagos lagoon and the Atlantic ocean, this showpiece resort captures the essence of nature, culture and tradition.



you to take out sometime from your tight schedules, look out some of these resorts and get rejuvenated with life anew. Do let us know what you feel about these awesome resorts and if there are more you would like us to explore, then let us know.

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