Strange story a reader sent in. Apparently a guy drove Hummer 2 SUV into Harmony Estate, Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos this morning to steal brain box, window controls of cars. Story below..

From the estate security, for the past 2 years, residents who park their cars…usually Toyotas come back from work to discover their brain boxes, power window controls, sometimes head lights, gone. Though not often, maybe once in 3/4 months. But its always more than 4 cars. The security guys said they notice that complaints are made usually on days this Hummer jeep visits the estate.

So this morning around 7, you know workers in Lagos would have gone to work and those without fuel would leave the cars – the hummer jeep came in and the security guys started tailing just to know where this guy normally visits. Obviously when they saw where he parked, they were OK only for them to see him on another street later The guy parked on the last street in the estate then trekked back to the upper streets to rob. After getting a little beating, the police was called. Our police are still barbaric. Used gun butt on the guys head, chained his hands tightly to the back with chain and padlock and gave him additional beating before driving his hummer away.

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