A mother, who posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her child and a friend’s son on social media, has sparked a fierce debate about ethical side of wet nursing. Jessica Anne Colletti is a mother of a 16-month-old son, who also breastfeeds her friend’s 18-month-old boy since he was just five months. And she is not hiding that but when she shared the intimate snap of duo breastfeeding – the Internet users divided into those who support wet nursing and those who are strictly against it.

The picture was accompanied with the follwing text: “Happy World Breastfeeding Week! I watch her son while she works and have been feeding them both for a year! So much love between these milk siblings, it’s a special bond between us all.”

Explaining her decision Mrs Colletti said: “My friend was breastfeeding but didn’t have time to pump – I was already breasfeeding my son and it just made sense to nourish him in the same way. He was having issues with the formula his previous sitter had given him and his issues resolved when formula was no longer necessary. 

My friend and her son live with me and my husband. She knows everything about me and trusts me with the care of her child. She knows I want nothing but the best four our boys, which is why she supports me breastfeeding our babies.”

However, after tons of criticism Mrs Colletti decided to delete her post but is not going to give up feeding both kids. Here are just some of them: “I’m sure she your friend is definitely NOT okay with it.”; “Sorry but that’s strange.” Others were more positive: “I wish that I could like this a million times!”; “Wet nurses saved many lives years ago.”

A wet nurse is a woman who breast feeds and cares for another’s child. Breastfeeding offers scores of health benefits to mother and child: 73% decreased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, increased intelligence,  decreased likelihood of contracting middle ear infections, cold and flu resistance, lower risk of childhood onset diabetes, decreased risk of asthma and eczemaand many more.

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