Photo: Gay man arrested for sending romantic messages to a male journalist

A gay man was arrested by the police on Monday, February 8, for persistently sending explicit love messages to a Kenyan journalist with the Royal Media Services, Victor Kinuthia, telling him that he is in love with his voice. Can’t a man express his love again? Lol
24-year-old Geoffrey Mburu had reportedly been sending romantic messages to the journalist, suggesting that he wants to have sex with him. Following persistent explicit messaging from Mr. Mburu, despite being warned to stop, Kinuthia reported the matter to the police.
In the messages, the suspect admitted to being gay and said he is in love with the journalist’s voice and wanted sex with him. Kinuthia set up a meeting with the suspect at his Gatanga home and was accompanied by officers and journalists.
“When I got to Githioro, the suspect came smiling and entered the car I was driving, saying he was to see me,” he said.
It was then that police, who were following closely behind on motorbikes, arrested him. Kinuthia said he was shocked by the proof that homosexuality is rife in the county.
“We have always heard of cases where men are sodomised but fail to report out of fear or stigma but this is evidence that it is happening,” he said.
Murang’a county commander Naomi Ichami said Mburu admitted to sending the messages. He will be charged with misusing a communications device.

Source: The Star

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