Photo: 51 Year old man arrested for [email protected] an 8yr old girl blames the devil

A 51-year old man has been arrested by the police for raping an 8-year old girl. The primary 3 pupil was on her way back from school when Kayode Michael, lured her to an alley and defiled her. The suspect, a casket maker, was subsequently arrested following a complaint made by the victim’s mother.
According to the mother, her daughter’s cry for help attracted the attention of residents in the area.  She was bleeding from her private part when they rescued her. She rushed her to a hospital where doctors confirmed that what they already know. The doctors added that the suspect also inflicted severe injury on her private part.
The suspect confessed during interrogation to having forcefully had sex with the little girl and blamed the devil. He was arraigned before an Igbosere magistrates’ court on a two-count charge of felony to wit, unlawful and indecent sexual assault on an eight-year old girl. Counts 1 and 2 read:
“That you, Kayode Michael, on 10 February, 2016 at 42, Odulami Street, Lagos Island did indecently deal with the victim, an eight-year old, by forcing her to remove her pants and lay on her.”

However, the accused pleaded not guilty to the alleged crime in the open court, and Magistrate Mrs O. A. Ogunbowale admitted the accused to bail in the sum of N1 million with two sureties in like sum, one of whom must owned a property on Lagos Island. The defendant was taken to Ikoyi prison pending when he will fulfil his bail conditions. Ogunbowale adjourned the matter to May 12, 2016.

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