A woman who took offence to Twitter trolls’ views has hit back with an empowering message for all curvy females.

Sara Petty had noticed that women on the social media site had very strong views when it came to who was allowed to wear a bikini and who shouldn’t.

They claim that any woman weighing over 200lbs (that’s just over 14 stone, for us Brits) should steer clear of a two-piece – as well as crop tops, leggings and shorts.

One tweet said: “Sorry but if your over 200 pounds you shouldn’t be trying to fit your fat ass into a crop top. You CANNOT pull it off.”

Sara, who weighs 219lbs and is 5ft 11inches, noticed the tweets on Twitter and decided to hit back at the body-shamers with an empowering message.

@_spettyWoman shuts down body-shamers

She snapped a photo of herself in a bikini and posted it alongside screenshots of the offensive messages, with the caption: “Girls: Wear whatever the hell you want.”

Most worryingly, Sara pointed out that it is women who are posting the judgemental tweets – and urged ladies to stop being negative towards each other.

But she didn’t stop there.

Sara had also noticed that other (probably more slender) women had been saying ladies weighing over 200lbs shouldn’t wear leggings, either.

@_spettyWoman shuts down body-shamers

So she proved them wrong, too.

Crop tops? Apparently they should be banned from the wardrobes of all women of a certain weight.

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2_spettyWoman shuts down body-shamers

Not according to Sara.

Finally, she hit back at those who said she couldn’t wear shorts.

@_spettyWoman shuts down body-shamers

Sara, we salute you. We think she’s proved the point quite well.

Her message has since been retweeted over 67,000 times and ‘liked’ almost 80,000 times.

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