This is the shocking story of a wife who enjoys having s*x with strangers with her husband’s permission.

Oz and his wife Gracie enjoys an open marriage
A wife who enjoys open marriage and is having s*x with other men with the permission of her husband has finally shared her shocking story. The woman who is a Pilates teacher has been having s*x with strangers said the relationship has made her a better mother – and that she wouldn’t give it up even if her children asked.
According to Dailymail, Gracie and her husband Oz are part of an ‘ethical non-monogamy’ community where members openly have extramarital s*x with their partner’s knowledge.
Shedding more light on the matter, the 48-year-old mother-of-two said: ‘Having s*x outside my marriage makes me a fabulous mother. Anything that keeps me happy and gives me energy makes me a better mother.
Oz, Graciea and their daughter
‘If my kids asked me to stop being polyamorous I wouldn’t. I could not stop being who I am, I could not stop living the lifestyle that is me.’ 
She added: ‘Domestic life can get spectacularly boring and I need a separate adult life. The downside of monogamy is monotony.’
Gracie opened her marriage with her first husband, Hank, six years ago, when the couple invited a man called Oz and his two children to live with them and their own children – Tallulah, now 16, and Merlin, 11. Also, the husband is allowed to enjoy a relationship with other women. Hank’s girlfriend Valerie also moved into the family home.
Initially, Gracie had s*x with both Hank and Oz and the four adults and their children lived together for four years. But, eventually, Gracie grew closer to Oz and Hank grew closer to Valerie. The couples swapped partners and went their separate ways. Now Gracie and Oz are married and continue to have s*x with members of the ethical non-monogamy community in California, US, while remaining devoted to one another.
Gracie said she has come under criticism for her lifestyle, but insists she is happier than ever.
Oz, Gracie and Tallulah 
She said: ‘I’ve told people who I am and what I’m doing and I can see the terror in their eyes so there’s a lot of ignorance and really not understanding.
‘Ethical non-monogamy is a s*x-positive world; s*x is seen as normal, it’s seen as healthy. I’m a sex positive parent.’ 
‘I think when people are negative about this it’s because of something that’s happening for them in their own life.’  
Despite some teething problems, Gracie’s children are also supportive of the open relationship. Gracie has written a book about her lifestyle called ‘Wide Open; My Adventures in Polyamory, Open Marriage and Loving on My Own Terms’ which is available at
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