This is the massive eighteen feet long python snake killed on Wednesday 14th September 2016, at Odo Mubo near Laula Asalasi in Ilorin, Kwara State capital.
The giant python killed in Kwara State
According to an eye witness identified as Peter Idowu Jiya, the snake was killed by a Nupe man, Jimo E. Mohammed two days after Eid-El-Kabri festival.
According to him, it has been a while he started monitoring the snake after he had been informed by the people of Mubo Street.
When he saw the snake for the first time in that river, it ran away and it was too dangerous for him to go after it, so he left it that day.
He noted that when he arrived at Mubo river early yesterday morning, he found that the python had swallowed a pig. This according to him made it easy for him to attack the python.
Jimoh who said that he killed the snake with mere cutlass, added that this is not the first time he has killed a python with cutlass. He revealed that this is the eighth snake he has killed so far.
When interrogated on how he summoned courage to kill the snake, Jimoh said that it is what he has been exposed to since his tender age by his father.
Accordingly, when asked about possible safety measures people can adopt when they come across python snake, Mr. Jimoh said that one should only pray not to come across it.
He added further that a python becomes more angry when one runs from it.
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