On Saturday, October 31, locals were greeted with a great surprise after a car accident occurred in the city of Shangqiu, Henan Province.

According to Youtube video uploaded by one Wiro Sableng212, an auto accident had occurred when a black sedan collided with another car. The black sedan driver tried to drive away, but with the help of the crowd the car was stopped.

The crowd afterwards perceived an “unusual odour” inside the car. The police discovered a batch of dog carcasses that were piled in the back of the trunk when it was opened. Only one passenger in the black car was caught by the crowd, but others, including the driver, managed to run away from the scene. No one knows whether these dogs were killed before being loaded into the car, or suffocated during the shipment.

During investigation, it was revealed that there were an estimated 40 -50 dogs of different breeds. No other details were revealed.


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