A 29-year-old Kenyan man staggered into a police station with his manhood swollen and bruised. He lodged a report with the police recounting how he was abducted and gang-r@ped by two women who threatened to unleash a massive snake on him if he dared to refuse or put up any resistance.

Aside the snake, the two s*x hungry women also held a gun at the man while they forced him to have se xual intercourse with them. According to the police, they have launched a manhunt for the two women who indecently assaulted the man from the Karoi district after offering him a lift from Magunje Growth Point to Karoi.

“Police are investigating a case of aggravated indecent assault in which two women ordered a 29-year-old man to have s*xual intercourse with one of them while the other one was holding a a live snake and pistol,” Chief police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed.

Charamba said that the incident happened at 9 am when the complainant boarded a  Toyota Raum with the vehicle driven by a middle-aged woman who was in the company of another woman, offering to give him a lift to his destination.

But at a lonely stretch on the road, the driver pulled up, pretending she wanted to check the car’s tyre.

After a while, they resumed the journey with the driver turning into a bushy area and one of the women suddenly produced a gun and a snake and ordered the man to have se x with them.

One of the women allegedly ordered the man to swallow a blue tablet meant for  s*xual enhancement before taking turns to have unprotected s*xual intercourse with him without his consent. The victim was taken to the hospital for tests to be run on him.

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When the women were apprehended, They claimed that the victim was handsome and he actually enjoyed the orgy.

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