A young female care worker filmed herself sexually abusing three elderly patients at the Devon care home, England, UK.

Christina Sethi had chosen the most vulnerable patients who were not be able to recollect the assault and report it to police due to their health state. Among her victims were a blind man in his 80s, woman in her 80s, and woman aged 101, all suffering from dementia.


A young female care worker filmed herself sexually abusing three elderly patients

What is even more disgusting is that after the assaults she sent the sickening videos to her boyfriend, who favoured her actions. During the investigation he was also detained on suspicion of conspiracy to commit sexual assault but has since been released without charge.

Luckily, the crimes came to light only when Sethis’s acquaintance found the shocking images on a computer which he had recently bought from her. When arrested the 25-year-old said that she wanted to please her boyfriend and “would do anything for him”.

The judge, Richard Stead, who sentenced Sethi to 1o years in jail, said: “The abuse of trust was woeful and exposed everyone’s worse fears about placing their loved ones in care. You have brought carers into disrepute and have harmed three people who trusted you.

The anguish and distress goes far beyond the victims. To a very great degree what it is felt by families – the spouses, children and grandchildren – exceeds the feelings of the victims. The distress and guilt remain with the families for as long as they live.”

The woman was initially charged with using a vibrator on one woman, fondling the genitalia and breast of another and stroking a penis of a male married patient. Sethi admitted five offences of sexual assault. One of her victims has since died.

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